Tufts Alumni and Students Discuss Careers on Wall Street
Saturday, October 16th

Tufts Alumni and Students Discuss Careers on Wall Street

2010 Wall Street Crash Course Faculty (from left to right) Rob Walker, A04; Max Bernstein, A03; Rob Stricker, E69; Pierre Maman, A86; Michael Karsch, A90, F91; Joseph Rosano, A10; Jeff Moslow, A86; Bill Ortner, A89; Jonathan Trott, A10; Karen Kulvin, J92; Jerome Shapiro, A03; Peter Vogelsang, A84; Craig Goldberg, E76; Daniel Landers Silva, A10. Missing from Photo: Doug Atkin, A84; Greg Randolph, A81; Anthony Scaramucci, A86, A14P; Scott Schaevitz, A85; Federico De Giorgis, A84

This year’s Wall Street Crash Course appears to have been a resounding success.

On Saturday, October 16th, a handful of Tufts alumni – working in a variety of financial fields – descended on the Hill to share their experiences on Wall Street with current students. The day-long event included panel discussions, interview prep, and break-out sessions that focused in on various financial career paths ranging from asset management and hedge funds to private equity and leverage and investment banking. Jeff Moslow, A86, a partner at Goldman Sachs and key coordinator of the event, said “The response was stunning.” Moslow added, “While the primary goal of this was to equip and educate students, I think as important of a benefit that manifested itself was the engagement of 20 alumni in time and effort, and creating more of an affinity towards the university post-Tufts.”

Because Tufts is a small liberal arts college without an affiliated business school, students do not often get the opportunity to explore the world of finance. According to Lilly Bogis, A11, President of the Tufts Financial Group, “Finance isn’t in the Tufts culture as much as other schools. It’s hard to find an outlet for that kind of enthusiasm.” Events like the Wall Street Crash Course, she hopes, will give students the knowledge and networking they need to succeed on the Street.


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