The Analysts of the Tufts Alpha Fund are organized by sector, with each group of students conducting research and exploring investment opportunities in a particular industry or in our Macro or Fixed Income groups.

  • Basic Materials

The Basic Materials sector looks at companies involved with the discovery, development and processing of raw materials. This sector includes the mining and refining of metals, chemical producers and forestry products.

Lead Analyst: Stephanie LoGiudice

  • Consumer Cyclicals

The Consumer Cyclicals sector covers businesses which produce cyclical goods or services for individuals. This sector includes companies whose performance relies heavily on economic conditions. This encompasses a wide range of industries, including automotive, entertainment and retail.

Lead Analyst: TBD

  • Consumer Staples

The Consumer Staples sector considers companies involved in the production of staple goods and services for individuals. This sector includes companies the demand for whose products will stay relatively constant, regardless of their price or economic conditions. A range of industries are included in this group, such as food, household items and tobacco.

Lead Analyst: TBD

  • Energy

The Energy sector looks into companies from a wide variety of industries. We strive to find a correlation between environmental policies, certain commodity markets and the financial markets. In the past, we have pitched and invested in stocks from the oil & gas, clean energy and electrical engineering industries.

Lead Analysts: Cici Chen

  • Financials

In the Financials sector, we analyze everything from commercial banks and investments banks to brokerages and insurers. As part of our analysis we focus on the economics of the businesses as well as their risk exposure.

Lead Analysts: Bianca Tubiana & Shehryar Malik

  • Healthcare

The sector relating to medical and healthcare goods or services. The healthcare sector includes hospital management firms, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), biotechnology and a variety of medical products. Healthcare is a sector less sensitive to business cycle fluctuations due to stable demand for the goods and services.

Lead Analyst: Md Reshad Bin Harun

  • Industrials

The Industrials sector covers a range of stocks that relate to producing goods used in construction and manufacturing. This sector includes companies involved with aerospace and defense, transportation and infrastructure, automotive, industrial machinery, tools, lumber production, construction, cement and metal fabrication

Lead Analyst: Andra Gusman

  • Real Estate

This sector considers potential investments in products relating to buildings and housing. It looks exclusively at real estate investment opportunities through equity, including REITs, development companies, and agencies.

Lead Analysts: George Farley

  • TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications)

The Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sector group focuses on companies that demonstrate innovation and are well positioned for growth. These include companies that provide computer systems, semiconductors, software, cable and wireless technologies. Companies that have been pitched in recent semesters include Broadcom Corporation (BRCM), Fusion-IO, Inc. (FIO), and Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI).

Lead Analyst: Andrew Brodsky

  • Macro Team

In addition to our equity sector groups, our Macro Team conducts macroeconomic research, presents biweekly updates to the group, and works closely with our Portfolio Manager to develop a macroeconomic thesis for the Fund.

Lead Analyst: TBD

  • Fixed Income

The Fixed Income group researches investment opportunities in fixed income securities, looking specifically at investment-grade debt that might be added to the Fund portfolio.

Lead Analyst: Tejas Joshi

  • Executive Pitch

Executive Pitch is a closed, discussion based sector focused on advanced techniques and extensive research to create detailed pitches for the Fund. This semester, the group has concentrated their efforts on Vista Outdoor (NYSE: VSTO).

Lead Analysts: Andrei Didenko & Ross Bendetson