Since its founding in 2005, the Tufts Financial Group (TFG) has established itself as a resource for Tufts students, at all levels of experience, with an interest in finance.

TFG is composed of three primary components in which students will have the opportunity to participate. For students hoping to gain a better understanding of finance concepts and careers, the Analyst Training Program provides a structured curriculum through which students can obtain technical knowledge and explore roles within the industry to find a good fit. Students will also be exposed to unique perspectives and industry insights by successful finance alumni through the Analyst Training Program’s year-long speaker series and trips to financial services firms in NYC.

TFG was founded as a value-investing club, and continues to operate in this way through its stock-pitching component. Students are given the opportunity split up into different industry-based sectors and put their skills to work in developing pitches for various publicly traded companies. Through these sectors, students have the opportunity to influence the Alpha Fund portfolio, an alumni-backed fund which TFG has grown to over $175k in assets under management (AUM). TFG’s final component, the Portfolio Committee, manages the Alpha Fund. The Committee ultimately decides the portfolio’s makeup and makes decisions regarding asset allocation.

Whether you have been interested in finance for years or are just beginning to explore the different career paths that the industry offers, TFG is a great organization in which to cultivate your skills, find a mentor, prepare for interviews, and more!