All students are welcome to join Tufts Financial Group, regardless of investment experience. We provide training and mentorship through our annual Workshop Weekend at the beginning of every semester, and continually under the guidance of our Lead Analysts throughout the academic year.

We welcome all students to join the TFG as Analysts of the Alpha Fund; either in one of our sector groups, or on our Macro Team. For more information about our these groups, please see “Sectors“.

At each of our weekly Tuesday meetings, one sector group presents a stock pitch and all members have a chance to vote on whether or not to add the stock in question to our portfolio. The Macro Team gives presentations on the state of the global macroeconomy and may cover topics such as current financial news or economic indicators.

In addition to attending the Tuesday meeting, Analysts meet with their sector groups at a separate time once every week to discuss investments and valuation in their industry, and to prepare at least one stock pick and presentation per semester.

We encourage students who have been involved with the group in the past, or who have previous investment experience to interview for a Lead Analyst position at the start of each year. Additionally, for students interested in getting involved in the management and leadership of the group, we make announcements about open positions on the Executive Board at our Tuesday meetings.